A Week of Beer Goodness

Beer lovers from all over America unite! This is one of the most anticipated events in Los Angeles every year that has attracted locals and tourists alike. This is the time for the gastronomic feast, culinary delight, and of course, cheers and toasts over beer, wine, ale, and the like. You can come with your family or friends or come by yourself and you will surely have a great time. It is a time to be merry, to try something new, and to meet new people. We have invited some of the best bands to perform and provide entertainment for everyone.

La Beer Week is a celebration of the mind and palate. It lasts for 11 days to honor and acknowledge Los Angeles’ beer culture. Other areas from the Orange Counties have also joined in on the fun so there are more participating establishments and breweries all over the place. Where there is beer, expect to find some of the best food also because they go great together. And our local chefs are excited to let you try their specialties. Of course, our breweries have prepared special concoctions for our patrons aside from the usual bestsellers so it is sure to be an exciting time in this side of California.  Go out of A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee and join us here!

This event will not be possible without the support of our partners and patrons all these years that is why we want to acknowledge them here. Our sponsors for this year’s LA Beer Week are: O.N.E. Coconut Water, Far Bar, Co-opportunity Natural Foods, The Oaks Gourmet Fine Foods and Spirits, Verdugo Craft Beer and Spirit Bar, Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, Affligem, Birra Moretti, The Surly Goat, Maestro Brand, Food GOS by Joshua Lurie, Firestone Walker, Micro Matic, The Spero Foundation, Wally’s, K&L Wine Merchants, Weihenstephan, Mort Subite, Eagle Rock Brewery, Nectar Ales, Golden Road, Celebrator Beer News, MBO, Lucky Baldwins British Pub and Café, Portola Coffee Lab, Franklin and Company Local Tavern, Untappd, Morland Old Speckled Hen, Edible Westside, Maes Pils, Chimay Peres Trappistes, Schneidder Weisse, TheFullPint.com, and  Tony’s Darts Away.

This year’s roster of sponsors is from different establishments, breweries, media, and loyal partners within Los Angeles. There are more participating establishments and breweries in our events so our patrons will surely have a great time going from one place to another to try out all the best beers and foods that this side of Los Angeles has to offer.  Check our website for the calendar of activities and different events that will be held all throughout the eleven-day celebration. You can also see the participating establishments and breweries. And come the 30th of September, we will all gather in one place for the main event in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets are available in participating outlets. It is a beer festival after all so expect a night of merrymaking and celebration. For sure it is going to be epic and we are going to party the whole night!

The Drinking Age Controversy

Alcohol is a big industry not only in America but all over the world.  It is a major contributor to the economy of the United States through its revenues and the jobs it provides to millions of people.   There was an increase in the total alcoholic beverage sales each year starting from 2009.  In 2015, there were approximately 219.52 billion U.S. dollars of total sales in beer, wine, and distilled spirits. These statistics were made possible by the use of current sense resistors. Advertisements for different kinds of alcoholic drinks can be seen everywhere and these drinks are easily available in retail in stores or even the internet.  But there is a catch.  Only those of legal age can buy and consume these drinks.  Or is this really the case?  There is a growing controversy behind the legal drinking age in America.  Is the current legal drinking age in America appropriate?  Should the current age limit be lower?  What are the pros and cons of lowering the minimum drinking age?  There are groups pushing to lower the current legal age for drinking and there are groups opposing this proposition.  There are also those who approve with the status quo.  People provide different explanations and values behind their positions.  The legal drinking age in America is 21 years old.  A look at the minimum drinking ages around the world will show the minimum legal drinking age worldwide ranges from 16 to 21 years old.  That makes America’s age limit the highest in the world.  This sparks debate over the appropriate legal drinking age.  The operative definition of appropriate age is the suitable or right age for purchasing and consuming alcohol. Although there is a law for the minimum legal drinking age, there are states that allow exemptions on a case to case basis.  If there are exemptions to the rule, why not just adjust the minimum drinking age so that the law will be uniform across states and more realistic and faithful to what is actually going on in our society?  This is what the drinking age controversy is all about.

The issue regarding the minimum drinking age is controversial indeed.  It has a history that dates back to time immemorial when man first discovered alcohol and what it could do to the body.  At first, there were no prohibitions, then the government felt the need to regulate alcohol across all the states, only to give back the discretion to the states regarding alcohol use, and then finally setting the age limit for purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages at the age of 21.  Society puts much significance on a person’s age as it can give us an approximation of what an individual is capable and not yet sufficiently able to do at that particular stage in life.

At the tender ages between 18 or 21, some believe that the decision to make the right choices involving alcohol consumption can be maximized.  What is really needed here is the full support of families, communities, media, business sectors, and nation in ensuring that we regulate the use of alcohol to all individuals by helping them to be prepared and providing them the necessary information and support system that they need to address alcohol-related issues and alleviate its adverse consequences to the person and the society.

You Cannot Have Too Much Of A Good Thing

Beer is universal. You can find it in any country and enjoy different kinds and flavors in different places all over the world. Beer is made for all seasons and for all occasions. You can have it when you are sad or when you are glad. You can enjoy it with friends or by yourself. In any time and any place, beer has a way of making you feel great. However, you cannot have too much of this good thing. As they say, you have to drink moderately. Drinking becomes bad when consumed excessively because it travels directly through the bloodstream. Our body can only take in 14.0 grams of pure alcohol so that it will not interfere with the normal functioning of our senses. This means that you can only have 12 ounces of beer, 8 ounces of malt liquor, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces or a shot of distilled spirits or liquor. Or health experts advise that women can consume one drink while men can have two drinks on a single occasion. When a person gets drunk or intoxicated, it can be harmful to the body. It can cause impairment in brain functions affecting a person’s ability to think clearly, react on time, and sense of balance. It can also increase the risk of liver cancer, stroke, and other diseases. It is also one of the leading causes of vehicle accidents that lead to injuries or death. Beer intoxication can also harm the baby inside a pregnant woman’s womb. Other people who get addicted to alcohol become violent. It can also lead to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, cancer, and pancreatitis. The health problems associated with excessive drinking are the main reasons why you cannot have too much beer.

History Of Beer

History Of Beer

Beer has long been a part of celebrations and merrymaking in the history of mankind. Looking back, pub houses were usually among the first establishments to be built in towns because people enjoy having a glass (or two) of beer as their workday ends or as they go on a break during their travels. But where did beer originate from? How did the whole world become a beer-loving community? Most importantly, where can we find the best beers?

Beer is said to be one of the world’s oldest recipe. Written accounts tell us that Egyptians brewed beers as early as 5,000 B.C. They used herbs, pomegranates, and dates for brewing. Egyptians used beer for religious purposes and the pharaohs directed the brewing and distribution of this drink. Beer eventually found its way to the Mediterranean, then to Europe and to the rest of the world. During the Middle Ages, they improved the recipe of beer by including wild hops with the malted barley to balance the flavor of the beer. The hops improved the beer’s flavor and prolonged its shelf life. Aside from being used for religious purposes, beer, later on, became a part of the life of the people as they used it as a substitute for water. They also appreciated its nutritional value. And that is how the whole world became a beer-loving community.

The beer industry spread all over the world. But of course, there are some beers that stood out in quality and flavor. The bestselling beers all over the world are Corona Extra, Brahma, Harbin, Heineken, Yanjing, Skol, Tsingtao, Budweiser, Bud Light, and Snow. Billions of gallons of beer are being sold each year. It is no wonder then that it is a big enterprise because people from all over the world love to have some beer.

Benefits Of Drinking Beer

Benefits Of Drinking Beer

For some people, drinking beer is associated with getting drunk and having a big fat beer belly. There are so many hazards once a person gets drunk such as getting into an accident or feeling sick. Having a beer belly is unsightly as it makes your tummy bulge which could be a problem when you wear tight-fitting clothes. When you think about these factors, then it would be hard to believe that drinking beer offers benefits for the body. You need to be reminded that getting drunk and having a beer belly is the result of excessively drinking beer.
Of course, it goes without saying, you should drink beer moderately for you to enjoy the benefits of drinking beer. According to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, drinking moderately means one drink for women and two drinks for men. However, this does not mean that men and women can drink beer every day.

Drinking beer moderately has its health benefits. Aside from its nutritional value, it can also help decrease the risk of heart disease. Beer lowers the inflammation in the body and also causes the blood to be thinner thus preventing clots that can block the flow of blood to the arteries. It also reduces the risk of stroke. Beer also increases the body’s level of good cholesterol because it is high in lipoprotein. Beer can also strengthen the bones because it contains dietary silicone that increases one’s bone density. Because beer contains a lot of water, it can also help reduce the risk of having kidney stones. Studies also show that beer can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Beer also contains antioxidants that are good for our eyes’ health and can protect them from damage.

With all these benefits of drinking beer, it is such a pity that we cannot drink more of it every day. Well, we cannot have too much of a good thing.